Video Review By Altcoins Club

Detailed Review On Hilux Coin

While language may be a barrier for some who may not understand it, it does show what Hilux Coin has and gives you a basic understanding of Hilux Coin.


Hilux is a decentralised cryptocurrency that allows transfer of value with no limitation of distance and it takes the same amount of time to clear for each transaction. It takes 6 blocks to confirm a standard transaction which equates to 12 minutes in average. However, the Windows and Linux wallet has the option to do “Instant Transfer” which only requires 1 confirmation for the transaction to be usable and confirmed.

Instant Transfer was introduced by Dash and it is a wonderful function which many would use it today. It is especially useful for low value goods such as buying a cup of coffee or small grocery shopping. This is because Instant Transfer’s transaction fees are higher than a standard transaction. As a result, small value goods will not make much of a difference value wise compared to a big ticket item.

We encourage you to try out the Instant Transfer function. In the future road map, we intend to have mobile wallets which will allow this feature.


Enjoy the video and let us know your thoughts at bitcointalk.