Continuous Improvement Program

Completed Items

We at Hilux Coin do not believe in boasting to the world about the wonderful products that we are going to create. Instead, we create the products and then announce what are they.

Listed below, some call it Roadmap but we prefer to call it our Continuous Improvement Program. We believe if it is to be community work, the work should never stop.

  • Launch of Testnet to ensure coin stability

  • Creation of Mobile Web Wallet

  • Creation of Block Explorer Version 1

  • Creation of Own Mining Pool To Start Up.

  • Ensure Coin Is Stable Before Official Launch

  • Block Explorer V2. Improve User Experience For Block Explorer For Mobile. Allows Everyone To View Tx Easily. This Improves Transparency.

  • Announcement Of Launch Date

  • Official Website Is Up. Tell Our Story To The Community.

  • Official Hilux Launch Date : 3rd August 2018, 11.30AM

In Progress

  • Rewards For Suggestions Of Improvement (Bounty)

  • Encourage Community Members to Co-Develop Hilux

  • Create Marketplace For Gamers To Exchange HLX For Virtual Items

  • Create Marketplace For Digital Downloads Using HLX : Authors, Musicians

  • Improve Mobile Web Wallet – User Experience

  • List In Carefully Selected Exchanges

  • Increase Merchant Adoption To Accept HLX As Payments

  • Embed Barcode Scanner In Mobile Wallet

  • Partner With Existing Token/Coin For Their Native Services: Example To Pay For Ride Sharing App Or Web Server Services Through An Exchange

Features Of Hilux

Open Source

We are truly open about our intention: To be a community coin that anyone can be a part of this coin.

  • Open Book Source code at Github

  • Fair Rewards To Miners & Masternode Owners

  • Everyone Can Contribute

No malicious codes inside our applications.

Github Link


Our Nodes are spreadout throughout the world and no one country can stop it.

  • Masternode Owners Around The World

  • Affordable Masternodes Encourage Adoption

  • Anybody with a GPU can mine Hilux

No one party controls Hilux.

Mine At Our Pool


With the Community Mobile Web Wallet, HLX Coins can be transferred easily anywhere.

  • Send HLX anywhere around the world.

  • Easy Mobile wallet creation. No registration needed.

  • Receive HLX anywhere around the world.

Everyone is free to use the HLX Mobile Wallet.

Mobile Wallet

Private Send Option

Send untraceable payments to your recipients. Private Send is available as an option.

  • Option to use the Hilux Tumbler

  • Immutable Private Payments

  • Use it for anonymity.

Privacy is luxury.

Get Windows Wallet


There is no replay protection, hence whatever amount you send, nobody can stop you, not even the founders.

  • All transactions are hard-coded into the Blockchain.

  • Friendly Block Explorer Allows Easy Transaction Checks.

  • Block Explorer Shows Publicly The Larger HLX Transactions.

The Hilux Block Explorer proves that a particular transaction has been confirmed and determines whether the transaction done is genuine or not.

Block Explorer

Instantsend Option

Sends HLX Almost Instantly. It requires only 1 confirmation instead of the usual 6 confirmations. This feature is useful for quick purchases such as buying a cup of coffee.

  • Instant Send charges reasonable low fees.

  • Requires only 1 confirmation instead of 6 confirmations.

  • Useful for retail purchases in small amount.

Instant Send was inspired by the Dash protocol. It utilizes the Masternodes to assist in verifying transactions as to not double spend.

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