You Are Getting 1000 HLX COINS (For 1 Masternode)



  1. Pay bitcoins based on the amount below.
  2. Upon successful payment there will be another form for you to put in your payment details and Hilux Wallet address to confirm that it is you who made the payment. It will also show you  your Transaction ID,  example: 8efe620e5b916f04deda5ea310a97ec7f24f087c9c60b0aa99f551d9998ad208. Note these information for future reference and fill it in the form which will appear after payment is successful. You can check the confirmation from the Block explorer.
  3. Be sure your HLX address is correct also and paste it in the form. This HLX should be the same address as when you registered your account. If both addresses are different, we will send the Coins to the address below.
  4. You should expect the HLX coins in your wallet within 12 hours.
    Note: Hilux Wallet Address. Hilux address Starts with the letter H and it is a total of 34 characters.



Once all the allocated Masternode Pre-sale are sold, an automatic SOLD OUT box will appear at the bottom. You will need to wait for the next round of sale should there be any.





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