Masternode Installation Instructions

Hilux Masternode Setup Guide

What you will need:

  • More than 1,000 HLX
  • One computer with Hilux-QT
  • One VPS

Setup Guide

Sending the transaction
  1. In the QT wallet, go the Receive tab and click My Address...

  1. Click +New and name it something like masternode1 or the like.

  1. Click Ok to create the address. Since you will need it in the next step, copy the address and close the Receiving address window

  1. Go to the Send tab and paste the address from the previous step into the Pay To: field. If you copied the address currently it should pre-populate with the label you gave it earlier.

  1. In the Amount: field enter: 1000, making sure to NOT check Subtract fee from amount. doing so will not send the 1,000 need, instead it would send less. Click Send and then Yes. You will need to wait for at least 15 confirmations on the network before the masternode can be started (Step 27).

Gathering Needed Information
  1. If you can already see the Masternodes tab skip to step 7. If you can not go to the Settingstab then go to Advanced Settings. Check the Show Masternode Tab button.

  1. Now restart your wallet (close and open again).
  2. Once the wallet cataches back up, go to the Tools tab and then to Console. Once there, type masternode outputs and masternode genkey

  1. Copy and paste both outputs to somewhere easily accesible (Do not save it the cloud).

Then exit the Hilux-qt.exe (Exit the windows wallet client. You will run it again after masternode vps is complete installing)


Setting Up Your Server (No picture available for this section)
  1. There are many options for VPSs, but we recommend Go and created an account at and setup a payment method.
  2. After completing sign up, go to Click on the Servers tab and choose a location for you server. Then choose type, after choosing Ubuntu 16.04, you can either choose the $5.00/month or the $10.00/month. (If they are temporarily sold out try another location. A $5 server will be enough for the moment.) Now click Deploy Now
  3. You will be taken to a list of your servers. Click on the name of the server you just created. This will bring you to the Server Information page for your VPS. Click on the eye icon to reveal the password for the root account. You will you this to login.
  4. Now open up your favorite SSH client.
    For macOS go to Terminal and type: ssh root@ It will ask for the password you just got)
    For Windows use PuTTY. Enter the external IP as the Host Name, login using root as the username and the password from the previous step.
Installing the Masternode
  1. Logined into the VPS, enter: sudo -i. This entered you into root if you were not already.

  1. Type curl Copy the output (should be your external IP address).

  1. Now go back to the Wallet where we have the masternode collateral. Go to the Settings tab and click on Open Masternode Configuration File

  1. In the file, under the template, type: masternode1 externalIPFromCurl:7979 masternodegenkey masternodeoutputWithoutQoutations
    Ex. mn1 123.456.789.2:7979 93HaYBVUCYjEMeeH1Y4sBGLALQZE1Yc1K64xiqgX37tGBDQL8Xg 2bcd3c84c84f87eaa86e4e56834c92927a07f9e18718810b92e0d0324456a67c 0

  1. Leave this file open and go back to the VPS. In the VPS type wget


  1. Next type: chmod +x

  1. Now: ./

  1. Wait till for it. Press Enter when required:
  2. Wait for it again. Add Swap Space? Press Enter. Swap [2G] : Press Enter. Install Fail2Ban : Press Enter.


  1. Wait again. Then enter your VPS IP. The script makes it easy for you. Just type out the IP which is laid out for you. In our example below, just type


  1. Next enter your masternode private key which you obtained from STEP 9 above (masternode genkey)
  2. That’s it. The Hiluxcore will auto start. You can type “./hilux-cli getinfo” to get an idea of your progress in downloading blocks.

  1. Let the blocks finish downloading and be in sync. Type “./hilux-cli mnsync status” ‘When “IsSynced” : true’ it means your masternode is ready.


Starting Your Masternode
25. Open your windows Hilux-qt.exe wallet now. Go to the History tab and right click on the Payment to yourself. Check to see if the transaction has at least 15 confirmations. If it does not, wait until it does.

  1. Go to the Masternodes tab and click on your masternode. Now click Start Alias.

28. If all goes good, a pop-up will show up saying, “Masternode Succesfully Started”.


29. Now go back to your VPS. Make sure that the masternode did start by entering: ./hilux-cli masternode status. Ensure it says Masternode Succesfully Started. If it does not, trying repeating step 27 after 30 minutes. If your node has successfully started, congratulations, if it has not more help can be obtained in our Discord channel.

If it hasn’t been activated, you will see this screen:


After you Start Alias, It should show:

Author: thedepressor and updated by Swatchie 18 April 2019



Multiple Masternode Instructions

Since April 2019, the script is capable of installing multiple masternodes easily. However it will require a new IP for each masternode because Hilux do not allow a single IP to have multiple masternodes for security reasons. To make it safe and secure and prevent spam, a single IP is for a single masternode. However, here is a cost saving technique for the initiated.



  1. Go to your and click on your correct VPS that you are using for Hilux
  2. Go to Settings. Click on Add Another IPv4 Address as below. Then you will see another IP being added.
  3. Click on the “network configuration” link highlighted in the red box below.

4.  You will see the picture below. Copy the entire part for Ubuntu 16.xx.


5. Go to your vps again type “nano /etc/network/interfaces”

Paste what you copied above into this file and delete the rest.


6. Then save by typing CTRL-X, y and enter.

7. Kill the hiluxd process and reboot by typing: killall hiluxd , then type “sudo reboot”



8. Go to your Hilux console in windows and type:
masternode outputs
masternode genkey


9. Go to Settings –> Open Masternode Configuration File

Insert details of your new masternode which corresponds to your new masternode genkey and masternode outputs as STEP 8.


10. Go to your VPS again and type ./ again in your root folder (the location which you wget the file)
Then type (y) for Yes.
Then place in your new masternode genkey as the example below.

11. type: nano .hiluxcore2/hilux.conf

Then replace the bind=(new IP)

and externalip=(new IP):7979

CTRL-X and y to save.



10. Type

./hiluxd -daemon 

wait 30 secs


to run the new Hilux masternode (2nd masternode)

11. Close your windows wallet, wait for 2 minutes then open again and Start Alias for your 2nd masternode which uses a different IP.

12. Start Alias your new Masternode on your Windows/mac wallet.

13. Check your VPS ./hilux-cli masternode status
Be sure it says “Masternode Successfully Started”



Last update: 18/4/2019