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  • Hilux Launch Date   •   August 3, 2018 @ 11.30am GMT +8

Today marks an important day. Hilux Coin is officially launched. From here on, it shall be owned by the Community.

Hilux is now officially Online. The founders will continue to make progress toward increasing mass adoption in its usage. The founders believe that in order to increase adoption, the friction to use Hilux must first be reduced. This is why Hilux was not launched until the creation of the Mobile Web Wallet. With it, anybody around the world especially the unbanked, can simply register for a new web wallet and immediately receive funds in Venezuela and send it over to South Sudan in the next moment. This is what we used to call Internet Money.

CryptoCurrency Does Make A Difference

As aforementioned, Venezuela does not have a stable currency. The Bolivar’s value collapse is phenomenal. This is why they even want to create the Petro which is not working well. The reason is because it is still centralized whereby the Government still controls it : the Bolivar is claimed to be backed by oil. A cryptocurrency could only work if it is decentralized. This is why we stress over and over again that Hilux is for the community.

We would therefore like to welcome everyone to mine, store, send and HODL Hilux Coins.

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