Hilux Insights




We had recently released an early version of Hilux Insights which is an advanced version of our Basic Block Explorer. As most of the Hilux community already know, even our Basic Block Explorer is already far more advanced than many of our competitors’ explorers out there. If you were to use your mobile phone to check the basic block explorer, you will find that it fits nicely to your screen and you do not need to scroll horizontally while allowing all the words and characters to be seen clearly at a decent size on your screen. Compare this with our competitors’ block explorer and you will find that you will need 2 dimensional scrolling (horizontal and vertical) just to get the information you need.

In addition to being mobile friendly, the basic block explorer allows you to view all vital information in your mobile phone. As we know, information is power, hence being able to get important information in your fingertips will allow you to make better decisions. We have improved the interface to include colors in the texts of the parameters while ensuring the most important information appear first which is the HLX/BTC price. We then have other vital information such as the hash rate and difficulty information thereafter.

In other words, our Basic Block Explorer should already be sufficient and is way ahead in the competition of block explorers.


So Why Does Hilux Require Another Explorer?

Hilux Insight is not just an ordinary block explorer. It is the next level of blockchain exploring and interfacing. We were not resting on our laurels when we were already ahead in block exploring methods. If you were to compare with the top coins in coinmarketcap.com, you will realize that they have one thing in common: They have their own Insight Explorers. It is not easy to implement an insight explorer and it requires many man hours to configure to ensure it is stable and useful.

So the next question is, what does Hilux Insights achieve?

You will see in the coming days that we will begin to implement payment gateways and payment processors for Hilux. You will also see App developments for our Hilux Wallet that enables anybody in the world to hold Hilux securely and transfer value easily. This is in-line with our Vision of : Transfer Value Easily which was why we created the Mobile Wallet as our first infrastructure when we launched Hilux. This is a testimony to show that we don’t just launch for the sake of making quick profits. We are sincere in preparing the infrastructure for the community to use. Today we are now moving into our next phase of value transfer which is through e-commerce for the public and also Mobile Android/iOS wallets.


What Does Hilux Insights Do?

Hilux Insights is another vital infrastructure in our long unrevealed list of plans and is indeed a milestone to Hilux. It allows programmers to plug in additional modules so that it can do payment processing and other useful features which we may reveal in the future. At its most basic, it allows anybody to audit transactions and shows a clear trail of Hilux transactions. This is also in line with our vision of being Decentralized and Transparent.



With this, feel free to visit Hilux Insights to learn more about how you can browse through the Hilux Blockchain activities. It is different from our Basic Block Explorer where it shows the latest transactions as they happen.

You can also read about its review by one of our community members here in Medium.