Have A Spare GPU? Why Not Use It To Mine Hilux

Download A GPU Miner For x16R Algorithm below:

Z-ENEMY VER 1.18 (PUBLIC) From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)

IMPORTANT: For maximum performance make sure you have latest drivers (ver. 398+)

Windows : Cuda 9.1 x32 :!FepBXYLB!1g2VFLbSKC_QgM2v0zYKBKt2LLAH7lzjmlCfjWh2L-U

Cuda 9.1 x64 :!9WoRxAzQ!H7TgBUjZPsliIkuDINbWuTsJOZGcoOw5pbD-uVGQ0dw

Cuda 9.2 x32 :!tDphnCxY!rbOxY30znj-BBAsy-F2vWGbzBd9_MQHgb7Bj1CkK42w

Cuda 9.2 x64 :!NS43EQBb!hDfP2I2Kz-aSQX5GX–AkHNzRf0cg7Wr_RwZDoi6F8c

Linux: (HiveOS, PiMP OS , EthOS & Ubuntu)

Сuda 9.0 :!dLwhQALC!7pWrM52SRTk7tkZw10Od0Lrg4usTWLjwt-LRSokBsXs

Сuda 9.1 :!lCwnzCpL!xffKYj4V8POHBY4uYocKcEg0lacIX_t9VI3enAC_NWM

Cuda 9.2 :!hCpDQKRK!QYn3yJU3C9hoam-8gHLjLGHV1VBfJbEgBUz2aZISlMU

Select A Mining Pool below and use the setting example below:

Mining Pools: (Most Popular)

Mining Pool Settings:
Example: (please change your stratum server and Hilux address.

ccminer-x64 -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u HGZHSq6XAAQjkVdZEN1Mb24YYUjayNcbeg -p c=HLX

Purchase From An Exchange

You can obtain Hilux Coins from one of the following Exchanges:

1. CryptoBridge :

2. Escodex Exchange :

Sell Items In The Hilux Marketplace By Becoming A Vendor

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