Discord Wallet Module


Hilux Wallet Now Available In Discord App

We previously had the Mobile Web Wallet and now it is also possible to accumulate Hilux Coins inside Discord. There are times where generous people will rain Hilux in the channel and you will be surprised by the amount of HLX Coins you may be able to accumulate. This in turn, will contribute to your existing HLX coffers where you can choose to retain it (HODL) or send it to people who you care about.

The Hilux Discord Wallet Module also enables you to deposit HLX Coins into it by typing $deposit. This in turn will have the Hilux-Bot generate a Hilux Address which you could use to deposit into it. If you would like to withdraw, type $withdraw [Hilux other wallet address] [amount]. The bot will then process your command and you should receive your HLX in your designated wallet soon after.

The bot could also do trivial things like $rain, $rolldrop and more. Refer to our Discord channel : #how-to-use-bot to learn about more commands.

Having this bot in our Channel is in line with our vision of building Infrastructures on top of the Hilux Decentralised Blockchain. We can only build Centralised Applications on top of Decentralised ones and not the other way around.


Have fun at our Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/sQfYNbT