Hilux Coin’s Core Team Believes That A Strong Foundation Is Key To Building A Stable Entity.

Provide An Alternative For Consumers To Pay For Goods & Services.

  • Alleviate Countries With HyperInflation : Venezuela

  • Provide Alternatives For Consumers

  • A Cryptocurrency That Lasts Forever

  • Stable Valuation To Allow Day To Day Use

  • A CryptoCurrency For Store Of Value

  • Provide Safe & Easy To Use CryptoCurrency

Our Story

There are thousands of CryptoCurrencies being created. But how many actually survive past 2 years?

Some Information About The Team:

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Masters in Management from Cambridge, Degree in Mechanical Engineer, Serial Entrepreneur.
Mechanical Engineer, Successful Business person in the wood industry.
Frank Martin
Frank MartinProgrammer
Based in the UK. Responsible for improving security of Hilux Coin’s infrastructures.

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