We’ve built a platform
with various infrastructures to securely send and receive funds.

We are using the world’s most immutable method of sending and receiving funds – that is secure, smart and easy-to-use and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital and the way investors buy and sell items. It is through the Blockchain. These blockchains are ledgers that are repeatedly stored by investors called Masternodes. You can be part of the Masternode network too, by holding 1000 HLX and setting up your computer. In return, the system will reward you with 12 HLX per cycle.

What is Hilux actually? What

Again, Hilux, to put it simply, is a Decentralized Cryptocurrency that is safe, secure, convenient, can be used in day to day transactions, a great investment platform and can be used in market places.

Decentralized Platform

Hilux’s main strength is in being decentralized and held by over 800 publicly owned Masternodes worldwide.

Publicly Owned Masternodes

Nodes are held by the community and distributed throughout the world. Founders do not control the blockchain.

Fair Rewards Mechanism

The Masternode and mining reward system is fair. The more you contribute, the more you receive.


You first need a Hilux Wallet. Fortunately, we have wallets for all ecosystems : Web wallet, Android Wallet, iOS Wallet (coming soon), Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi. Then you can start receiving then sending Hilux coins.

With a Hilux wallet, you can do one of the following:

  1. Be a value storage user. If you believe Hilux will appreciate in value in the future, store them in your secure iOS or Android Wallet or store your windows wallet.dat in your thumb drive and keep it in a safe.
  2. Be an investor. Buy or Mine Hilux and invest in one or more Hilux Masternodes. Instructions on setting one up can be found here.
  3. Use Hilux to fund projects of others that you see potential in. This is useful especially if they are located in areas where bank transfers are difficult.
  4. Trade Hilux in exchanges. Buy and sell Hilux in our exchanges. Currently in Ex4Ange and Altmarkets.io

The Problems Of Crypto Projects Problem

We understand the various issues surrounding the Crypto landscape. Here’s some of them:

Crypto Investors

  • Unsure if the project is a scam.
  • Do not understand the project due to jargons.
  • How to not lose money on the project.

Centralized Network

  • Many existing solutions out there are centralized. Ex: PayPal.
  • Centralized network can block your account at any time.
  • Your invested valuation may go down when the issuer decides to increase supply.

Crypto Developers

  • Developers abandon their crypto projects when there are challenges.
  • Or when they get better offers in another company.
  • Or when they have sold all their holdings and made a profit out of scamming users.

General Payment

  • Users want to use Crypto as payment but value of coin keeps fluctuating.
  • Slow confirmations causing inconvenience
  • Limited payment gateway systems where merchants find it hard to accept crypto.


What Are The Key Characteristics Of Hilux?

Blockchain Ledger System

Records of transactions are available in the Block explorers and cannot be changed.

Fraud Reduction

If someone says they’ve made payment but is not shown in our block explorer, most likely the payment wasn’t made.

Next Generation Wallet

With our new Android and iOS Wallet, you can easily make mobile transactions. This is on top of our Windows, Mac and Linux wallets.

Recovery Nodes

Masternodes are blockchain systems that stores the transaction ledgers of the Hilux Blockchain. Hence they play the integral part of Hilux blockchain integrity.

Full Transparency

With our block explorers, transactions are transparent and easily verifiable. We have 3 official block explorers each with their own strengths.

Very Low Fees

Hilux prides itself for having low fees of transaction. This is to encourage Hilux to be a high velocity cryptocurrency.

Decentralize Network

Hilux also prides itself to be decentralized because the ledger is being processed by more than 800 Masternode owners throughout the world.

Crypto Payment

Hilux is used for crypto payments for any items that can be purchased. Both parties will need to have Hilux wallets, hence our wallets coverage is one of the best in the industry.

The Hilux App Apps

Since day 1 of inception in August 2018, our core focus has always been wallet development. This is why we now have the Android Multiwallet and the iOS wallet (coming soon). These mobile wallets are non-custodial types which means you hold your own private keys. Unlike other wallets which require a username and password login, they may hold your private keys because the chain is processed on their server.

Our mobile wallets are available in the Google Play Store and iOS as well as the Website (custodial type)

Hilux Infrastructures INFRA

HILUX has the following Infrastructures in its arsenal

Standard Block Explorer

Insight Block Explorer

Hilux Paper Wallet For Offline Storage

Hilux Web Wallet

Hilux Marketplace

Check out our ABOUT page for more Infra and Links.

Hilux Distribution Stats HILUX

Hilux will face its block reward halving from 20 HLX per block to 10 HLX per block. This is a natural progression towards inflation. Therefore it will be advantageous for early adopters.


Aug 31, 2018 (11:00AM GMT)

Max Supply Of Hilux Coins

21 Million

Initial ICO Sale

$0. (Community Driven Coin)

Masternode Requirement

1000 HLX. VPS should have at least 1GB RAM with 1 Core.

Block Reward

First 518,400 blocks : 12 HLX for Masternode + 8 HLX for Mining From block 518,401 to block 1,036,801: 6 HLX for Masternode + 4 HLX for Mining

Block Time

Targeted 120 seconds.

Estimated Days To Block Reward Halving
  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

of Hilux Genesis

of proceeds


August 2018

Launch Of Hilux into Main Net. List in CryptoBrydge. Launch Hilux Official Mining Pool to kickstart mining.

October 2018

Setup Standard Block Explorer and Mobile Web Wallet for easy Hilux transfer.

December 2018

Successfully moved all miners into public mining pools such as BSOD and MadCatMining. Disabled Official Mining pool (pool.hiluxcoin.com) to encourage decentralization.

February 2019

Launched the Hilux Insight Explorer. Allowed the public to use Hilux Insight's API for developers. Allows users to use them for payment gateways. Successfully listed Hilux in Escodex. Successfully launched Hilux Marketplace (https://market.hiluxcoin.com) which has its own payment gateway using Hilux. You can buy and sell items in there using Hilux.

April 2019

Successfully Launched Oversight Explorer (http://oversight.hiluxcoin.com/) which gives more information of transactions, masternodes, live block additions and price.

June 2019

Successfully listed Hilux in Coinmarketcap. Hilux is now a credible cryptocurrency. Successfully launched non custodial Hilux Multiwallet in the Android Playstore

August 2019

Hilux Anniversary. Developer still around despite ups and downs. Launch a decentralized iOS Wallet app.

October 2019

Listing in 3rd exchange.

December 2019

Participate in more Hilux payment gateways with vendors. Hilux should be a complete cryptocurrency with all essential infrastructures in place: Secure wallets, secure chain and secure Masternode investments.

December 2020

Recruiting & Hiring New Hilux Community Members. Contact @andyspark1 in the Discord channel to participate.

Who Are The Founders? TEAM

The Hilux team is a community based team which listens to the community and actively discusses improvements with them in the Discord channel.

CTO & Co-Founder

Piacevole can often be seen fixing bugs in the Hilux infrastructures and is one of the early seed investors in the Hilux initiative. Hilux is fortunate to have him because it did not have funding from the public. Piacevole is also a meticulous person who cares for the UI and UX of Hilux and will always attempt to fix things.

CEO & Lead Founder

Swatchie-1 can be found most of the time in the Discord channel since inception. He is a passionate Hilux developer and believes working for the community. A caring and hardworking individual with strong interest in cryptocurrency and blockchains.

Blockchain & App Developer

Bose88 joined HIlux in December 2018 and has been a great asset for the Hilux team ever since. He specializes in creating apps and infrastructures for Hilux which are used till today. If you look at Hilux’s infrastructures today, you will see that we have the Marketplace, Web Wallet, 3 advanced Block Explorers and the Mobile Wallets.

Community Planners

Community Interactor

She is a persistent and hardworking Hilux communicator.


QZLP has been an early investor and early Hilux adopter. He knows the history of Hilux extensively.

Senior Community Planner

bonzosante can often be found in the Hilux discord channel trying new things out and helping the community solve issues.


As seen in

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below are some of the FAQ

Scam or not it's up to you to decide. We have been around since August 2018 with some ups and downs in our prices. If we are a scam, we should not be around anymore. But we are still here and we have launched the Android app and iOS is coming soon.

From CryptoBrydge or Escodex. Check above.

Yes, download our one click miner from our Github page.

Read the Masternode setup guide. The link is here: http://www.hiluxcoin.com/masternode-installation-instructions/

You have many ways of storing Hilux but first you need a wallet. Fortunately, our wallets ecosystem is complete. We have wallets for most major platforms including the web wallet. Here are they: 1) Web Wallet - https://wallet.hiluxcoin.com 2) Paper Wallet (for Cold storage) - https://paper.hiluxcoin.com 3) Android wallet 4) iOS Wallet 5) Windows wallet 6) Mac Wallet 7) Linux Wallet 8) Raspberry Pi Wallet 9) Discord Wallet

Paper wallets are actually quite simple. They are mainly used to store your Hilux coins in Cold Storage. This means nobody can access it even if they hack into your computer or steal your phone. It is stored safely in your safe. The printed paper consist of your Public key and Private key. Public key is your Hilux address which everyone can see. The private key however is the phrase that can unlock this address' wallet and withdraw its funds. Store this piece of paper in a safe place and make sure the ink does not deteriorate over time! Go to paper.hiluxcoin.com and generate a paperwallet by following the instructions there.

Easy. We have created the iOS and Android Mobile app for you to do this easily. Just download them from the App Store or Play Store respectively and use the wallet's built in QR code scanning feature to sweep off all the funds in the paper wallet into your phone's wallet.

Absolutely. You will be able to spend your Hilux coins immediately if you do so.

The Hilux developers do this as a community project. Yes there is a pre-mine but they are still held at the founder's wallets. Most of the expenditures were forked out by the founders themselves to create an ecosystem for the public to use especially the unbanked. If you would like to make a donation, we will appreciate it: HSJFqqpPmna19HJKTt45fzQHaF8m5LpF8E

Contact The Hilux Team CONTACT

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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