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Update: 2nd Follow Up Video On Hilux Progress & Mobile Wallet

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Update: See Video On Hilux Review Made By A Community User (Brazilian Language)

Your Hilux Is Protected

No one could take away your Hilux Coins because it is hardcoded inside the Hilux Blockchain. This Blockchain copy is distributed throughout the world through the Masternodes which you can be a part of. You choose who you want to give it to. Keep it. Spend it. Give it to your loved ones. Reward anyone.

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The Benefits

Why should you hold Hilux Coins?

Because You Don’t Have To Trust Anyone with your Coins. You Control Your Own Private Keys In Your Windows Wallet.

Certainty Of Transactions : The Block Explorer Doesn’t Lie. All Transactions In & Out Are Recorded Like An Immutable Accounting Ledger.

Anybody Can Obtain Hilux Coins : Buying From The Market Or Mining It Yourself Or Trading It With Somebody Who Has Hilux Coins.

The Core Team : Integrity Is The Main Value Of The Developing Team. They Are Not Here To Make A Quick Profit & Leave.

Technical Features

Understanding the Technical Features of Hilux Coin will help you understand why you should hold and keep Hilux for the long term.

  • 0% Developer Rewards From Each Block

  • Mobile Web Wallet Available Immediately Upon Launch. Easy To Send & Receive Hilux Coins.

  • A Coin Built For The Community.

  • Low Amount Of Block Height At Launch Date : Only About 8000+

  • Dedicated Founding Team. Various Infrastructures Are Ready Prior To Launch, Hence Not A Pump & Dump Coin.

  • A Coin That Strives To Last Forever

  • X16R Algorithm PoW

  • Proof Of Work Reward : 40%

  • Proof Of Stake Reward : 60%

  • Miners & Masternode Makes Blockchain More Secure

  • There Will Be Only 21 Million Coins In Hilux. Very Limited. No More Will Be Produced. HODL.

  • Helps The Economy Of Countries Facing HyperInflation. Our coins are capped at 21 Million but FIAT currencies can be printed at anytime and any amount by Governments.

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Looking forward to help out and contribute to Hilux coin.

Paul Atkinson
Early Miner Of Hilux

Our Partners

The honest truth is, we have not found any partners because we were too busy building the infrastructure of Hilux. We would appreciate and are looking at anybody who would like us to be their partner. Contact Swatchie-1 in our Discord Channel

Pool Provider
Also: BSOD, PoolOfD32th, Miningpatriot, Hiluxcoin




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What Is Hilux Coin?

A CryptoCurrency Inspired By HyperInflation Occurences Around The World. Hilux Coin Aims To Last Forever & Forever For You To Keep.

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